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Friday, 14 November 2014

Global IT Sourcing Market Place

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Welcome to PrimaSource

PrimaSource, a vendor-independent Sourcing Advisory offers PrimaSmart ,a unified Global IT Sourcing Market-place where Buyers, Suppliers, Partners, Advisors, Directors and Consultants engage for efficient sourcing of services and products, 24X7, anytime, anyplace. PrimaSmart offers Buyers equal access to diverse Suppliers, Partners, Advisors, Directors and Consultants and a means to engage on-line via the PrimaSource Advisory Service should an engagement require expertise through the procurement process or simply access to templates, frameworks, processes and toolsets to enable efficient assessment, sourcing, project control and monitoring. The PrimaSmart platform assists you shortlist, set-up a meeting and manage requirements from posting to short-lists and closure on multiple requirement-types Buyers and Suppliers leverage PrimaSmart for vendor-evaluation across a diverse range of suppliers, as well as, access the the Partner-ecosystem, for Technology, Business and Marketing, to seek support across the key areas of set-up and execution in new geographies. Additionally, advisors are on-line for all business-related functions, Directors, Independent and Non-independent, for their expertise and enrollment and Consultants, who are pre-verified by accredited agencies.

More Details :

PrimaSource extends the experience and expertise of its Advisory Panel equally to all, irrespective of size, brand-recognition and market-cap, in an easy to access, confidential and supportive advisory model supported by the PrimaSource Project Management Office (PMO) and Knowledge Repository. The PMO offers products-led sourcing, engagement and service-design and delivery based-upon industry-standards, best-practices, frameworks, methodologies, toolsets, making possible even the simple and timely availability of a sample RFI or Vendor-evaluation Score-card. PrimaSource engages continually with global IT sourcing forums, and technology-centric solutions providers/suppliers to assess both value and worth for small to medium enterprises via outsourcing to third-party providers.
Global IT Sourcing Market-place

The Advisory Services leverage established sourcing strategies with controls over implementation and management to reduce risks and increase benefits from shared services and single or multi-vendor contracts.

If you've never outsourced or off-shored before, the Advisory Service offers support through the sourcing lifecycle as a vendor-agnostic third-party, strategy through to implementation.
PrimaSource hearkens back to the basics of all human endeavour, the aspiration for evolution, growth, success…fuelled by the energies of communication, collaboration and competition between all players. The internet has made it possible to leverage the enormous power of technology to deliver essential services to remote locations, increasing inclusivity in mankind, at a scale that was previously well-beyond the realm of possibility. The PrimaSource team in pursuing its dream for global inclusivity in IT sourcing and supply has developed PrimaSmart, a unified sourcing and service-enabling platform that is a pioneer in engaging small, medium and large companies in a global buyer-supplier ecosystem. Connecting the global IT community, generating business, creating jobs, harnessing success. Providing choice, abundant supply, verified providers and possibilities for synergy.

Procurement has been made easy! Applications Development (ADMS), Infrastructure (IMS) Product, Managed services, Tech support, procurement & outsourcing via offshore, near-shore & blended global delivery for SMEs & enterprises in developed & emerging markets(India, China, Africa, Europe, LATAM, APAC) for sourcing via technology partners, advisors, NEDs/directors & consultants for sourcing, supply & staffing using advisory/consulting services & PMO…Join the Source!

Contact Us:

Prima Source Ltd
John Eccles,Oxford Science Park
Oxfordshire OX4 $GP United Kingdom
Fax: +44(0)1865578566


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