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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Joomla Web Development Conpanies

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Joomla is one of the advanced and influential Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS). It is a free; PHP & MySQL based content management system for publishing and managing content on the web and intranets. Well designed Joomla CMS websites are well renowned for being easy to manage, flexible, scalable and very reliable.

Joomla CMS website design and development is one of our core capabilities. We have the knowledge and experience needed to build simple Joomla websites to intricate web applications using Joomla as a framework. Fortune Softtech’ experience in Joomla development allows us to generate any functionality in Joomla so as to meet various business requirements. Our team of Joomla designers and developers has build hundreds of Joomla websites, with custom extensions and components. The Joomla CMS is one of the most flexible Open Source CMS presently available, and is one of the most popular CMS used.

Features of Joomla:

Joomla is useful in development of online shopping cart, eCommerce website, business/corporate websites, community sites, intranet & extranet, social networking sites and many more. It has few edges over other CMS tools. Here are the few features of Joomla:

    User friendly: One of the main advantages of using Joomla is it does not need strong technical knowledge to manage and maintain websites.
    Easy set up: It is very simple to install and set up. Many web hosting service providers offer a single-click install and get your new website ready within few minutes.
    Components and Modules: Joomla comes with pre-developed components and modules that reduce development time and cost in key areas.
    Variety of templates: Many templates are also obtainable online to tailor your website.
    SEO: Joomla has inbuilt features for producing unique SEO friendly URLs and adding Meta tags to your websites pages.
    Large Contributors: Due to the huge number to contributors a lot of modules are obtainable for popular features, free of cost or at a small nominal fee.

Following custom development services in Joomla:

    Joomla custom design services and template design
    Joomla component and module development
    Joomla eCommerce
    Joomla integration with other web applications
    Joomla theming
    Joomla SEO

Our Joomla consultants are experts, offering complete support for your Joomla website. We are experienced in the Joomla development process and we assess your specific requirements, to devise the best solutions for your business right from design, through to development, maintenance & support to marketing and digital plans.


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