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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Modern SEO Keyword Research – You have got your business website but not gaining rank, right? This might be due to use of wrong set of keywords in your content. With each update to Google’s algorithm, tactics applied to research SEO keyword become out-of-date.

In that case, despite you put in practice dedicated SEO strategies, you will be unable to see any results due to misconceptions related to Modern SEO keyword research.

Thus, the mystery about how search engines choose the sites of high rankings become a big question mark for marketing experts, developers and small business owners like you. The simplest way to overcome the issue is to practice more modern keyword research strategy.

In this blog, we have come up with a few essential tips that push you on the right track.

Long tail & Generic keywords
Long Tail keyword: It refers to a set of three or more words. A quick example is: How to write quality content?

Generic keyword: It consists of short and generic keywords.For example:‘Writing tips’.

Major point is that short keywords are much more competitive when compared with long keywords. A large number of websites target short keyword like ‘writing tips’. It makes this keyword hard to rank for that term. –

On the other hand, long tail keywords are less competitive. But, they are less probable to be searched for in search engines. To pick the more accurate, relevant and effective long-keywords, it is good to understand your target audience first.

Modern SEO Keyword Research strategists keep a balance of generic and long tail keywords.

Don’t Misplace Keywords

Stay focused on what consumers are looking for. Maybe, you lose sight of the proper research when you are determined to plan for SEO strategies. You need to be more attentive, and determine what is more important than anything else. It is the part of you SEO strategy. Don’t ignore it.

Get insights into what consumers are looking for and tailor your content around the core needs of your target audience. Plan an SEO strategy accordingly. This is how you will be able to develop relevant content that your customers want to read.

Consequently, your content will rank higher in search engines. If you are not able to imagine users are typing your keywords, try to make a new set of keywords. But keep in mind to create a content that can linger around audience’s core needs and interests.

Cut Short Your List

It’s a natural tendency of consumers to search for the same item using many keywords. Get the benefits by narrowing down your current list. If you cannot judge what to remove from the list, assess your keywords quantitatively.

There a couple of tools available online to do this like Google Trends and Google AdWords Keyword Planner. Remove those keywords that have a low volume in comparison to the rest of your list. It’s strongly recommended to modify your keyword list a few times a year to meet the search engine trends. You will not need to delete something, but find that some words have gone off the style.

Individual Keywords

Google is great because it always aims at mending every pitfall in its search algorithm. Individual keywords always remain the hard-core of black-hat SEO tactics. Give the reason that systematic search is becoming more sophisticated; the power of individual keywords will continue to diminish. Every time Google performs, it does better than ever. So, black-hat SEO tactics will become less relevant over time.

Bottom line
It is a must to reconsider your keyword research every couple of months. Try to pick new long set of keywords; remove one which has low search volume.


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