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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

SEO – Basic Questions and Answers

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In this Blog, I focusing the people who want to know about SEO and its basics.

• What is SEO?
The Acronym “SEO” refers to Search Engine Optimization and also refers search Engine Optimizers.
SEO is optimizing the websites make websites search engine friendly, optimizing includes satisfying the SE criteria and improving the websites to get good Search Engine Result Pages for user query.

• Why we go for SEO?
To improving the Quantity and Quality of traffic to a websites naturally from the search engines thats why we going for SEO.

• Define – Search Engines?
Search Engines are nothing but a tool used to find information about any topic which is available on the web.

• Define – Crawler or Spider?
Crawler or Spider is software used by search engines to see what is in web and to index the web pages.

• What are the process involved in search engines to deliver the search result?
Crawling, indexing, processing, calculating relevancy and retrieving.

• Define – crawling, indexing, processing, calculating relevancy, retrieving.
crawling – is the process of to see what is in the web.
Indexing – is the process of identifying the words and phrases that describe the page and assigning the page to particular word.
Processing – is nothing but to compare the search keyword with the indexed pages in the database.
Calculating relevancy – is the process of identifying the most relevant page to keywords from (filtering) the processed WebPages, because in web contains millions of search results available for user search request.
Retrieving – is to displaying the search results to users for their search query.

• What are all the types of SEO?
There are two types of SEO. They are
ON Page SEO.

• Define – ON Site SEO.
ON site SEO – is optimizing the web pages which makes changes directly on the website for search engine friendly.
OFF site SEO – promoting your website on other websites is called OFF site SEO.

• State some ON site SEO process.
Meta Tag Optimization.
Page title Optimization.
Body content Optimization.
Image optimization and more

• Give some ON Page SEO Factors.
Keyword in URL.
Keyword in Domain Name.
Keyword in Title tag.
Keyword in description Meta tag.
Keyword in Keyword Meta tag.
Control the density of keywords.
Usage of H1, H2, H3.
Keywords in Alt text.
Keywords in Anchor text for internal links.
User Friendly Navigation.

• Give some OFF page, SEO Factors.
Keywords in incoming Links from other sites.
Directory submission.
Book marks by user.
Write article about your site, and submit into Article directories.
Link from Expert sites.

• Define – Keyword Density?
The percentage of keywords that appears on a page is called Keywords Density.
Ex: please refer Keyword Density

• How should be the title tag?
Title tag must be 10 to 60 characters. This should contain main keyword at the beginning of the title.

• How the description will be in Meta tag?
Description must be a short summary about what the page is about, will be less than 200 characters.

• What is keyword density and Individual keyword density?
Keyword density – percentage of all keywords by total words.
Individual keyword – percentage of each keyword by words.

• Types of Links?
There are two types of Links they are
Internal Links
External Links

• What is meant by Internal & External Links?
Internal Links – Links starts from and ends to your website is called internal links.
External Links – Links starts from other site, and ends to your site is called External links.

• What is meant by Inbound and outbound links?
Inbound links – Inbound or incoming links that start form other site and ends to your site.
Outbound Links – Outbound or outgoing links that start from your site and ends to other site.

• White Hat – SEO.
Good and Recommended way of optimization done, for user and search engine is called white hat SEO.

• Black Hat – SEO.
Bad and unwanted optimization done for only search engines not for users is called Black Hat SEO.

• Examples of Black Hat SEO.
Keyword stuffing, Hiding, keywords and door way pages are called Black Hat SEO.

• What is page rank?
Page rank is a small fraction of all of your back links to your website reported by Google.

• Purpose of page rank for a web page ?
To list the most important and quality pages to least important pages of your website.

• Importance of links.
If people click the link and discover your website.
Search engine follow the links and discover the websites.
Search engine consider the number of back links for importanse of your website.
Search engine considers the anchor text links on your website for what is your website about.

• Purpose of robot.txt file.
Robot.txt file is available in root directory of websites which stores the some url of websites not to crawl by robots.

• What is sandbox ?
Sandbox is a place where the new websites are kept by Search engines until they get matured.


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